Moved sorta

Well, I have started three new blogs. I guess I am leaving this one. Here is the new link...

So much to say

There is so much going on around here that I want to share. But Christmas time and the end of the school year seems to be so busy with the kids stuff. I have also taken on something else to do, check out my new blog .

I will be back, I promise!

Saturday morn

I am laying here in bed listening to the sounds of the house. My husband is getting the kids ready to go to church. I am not going today, I am going to have a lazy morning in bed bundled up with a sore throat.

The sounds of the house are actually happy sounds this morning. I can hear the kids getting along, which is not an everyday occurrence. There is Christmas music playing and I can hear the girls singing along. The little boys are having their morning Star Wars Lego discussion and my oldest is talking to his dad. I love it when they all get along. I makes my heart swell with love and happiness.

I am sure the spell will be broken shortly when someone does something to annoy someone else. But for now, I am really loving this Saturday morning.

No Way!

I can't believe it has been a month since I have been here! How lazy am I? I could go on and on about how busy I have been but who isn't busy? But yes, I have been busy - blah blah blah.

We did take a trip to Arizona for Thanksgiving for 8 days. We went with my husbands brother and his family. It was such a restful and fun week. It was really hard to come back to reality. I do have pictures to share but I haven't even looked at them yet myself.

Today is such a nice day. The kids don't have school and it is raining outside. The perfect day to throw the ingredients for vegetarian chili into the crockpot and bake chocolate chip cookies and snuggle up with a good book.

On the reading front, I have been reading The Hawk and the Dove for the past month. Wow, what a book! It really has made me think. It is a trilogy and three books in one. There are 557 pages in the book and I am on page 540, almost done! I have the Mermaid Chair waiting to read next. It didn't get great reviews on Amazon but I am going to give it a try. I am so enjoying reading again!

I can hear the rain again, such a pleasant sound this morning. I am going to enjoy it and finish my book now...

Obligatory Pumpkin Patch post

I tried to post this yesterday but Blogger ate it up, the big B must have made a pumpkin pie out of it or maybe pumpkin soup. I am sure today's post will not be anywhere near as witty and funny as yesterdays try.

Casey's preschool went to the pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago on a field trip. Being the overprotective, ultra involved mom that I am, I insisted, or should I say volunteered, to be a driver. Above is a picture of Casey and her friend K and J that is in another class. J attached himself to me for some reason. He was just SO shy, he stood with his head down most of the time. I tried and tried to get him involved in the activities but I usually found him standing next to my leg. The girls on the other hand I had to chase.

Cortney went too because when you are homeschooled you can go do the fun things with the preschoolers when you want. I am sure she must have learned something there.

Feeding the goats was a big hit. The slobbering, yucky, stinky goats. Casey and this goat made friends, well, until Casey ran out of food and then he dropped her like a hot potato. She didn't seem to notice as I hurried the little ones over to wash and sterilize their little hands.

Then came the three year old melt down, because you know, no trip is complete without someone having a melt down. I am not even sure what set it off, but three year olds don't really need a reason do they? So, she sat with the pumpkins for a while, "my only friends", she said.

Finally I made her come with me to gather with the group for *fun pumpkin songs* (cough, cough). And there is the look. The look that says "I will go with you but I don't have to like it, or you". Her dad says she gets the look from me.

Of course a snack makes everything better. I know it usually works for me. It was a fun trip, melt down and all. I really do enjoy watching the little ones get so excited over little things like pumpkins and feeding goats and porta potties.


I wrote a whole post with pictures and when I tried to publish it went away! I am so mad! I thought blogger was supposed to save my work. I did try to save it and it wouldn't save. I don't have time to redo it, later...


Last night I taught Cortney, who is 11.5, how to shave under her arms. Yep, my 11.5 year old daughter has hair under her arms and she wanted them gone. So what if it was just 4 or 5 hairs under each arm and that you could hardly see, for a girl in a rush to grow up it is a big deal. So, last night we hit a milestone. She made me promise that I would teach her how to shave her legs in the spring. Really, her legs are a bit hairy, they look like they are covered with little black spider legs so it will be time. She just has no idea what awaits her as a woman, if she did maybe she wouldn't be in such a rush.